We must reveal our pain to move forward and grow.


Some of us may have grown up in an environment where we were told to “suck it up” or “get over it” knowing that deep inside we need to be heard. When we hear this, our emotions feel unvalidated which makes us feel insignificant. The “lies” in our head that we tell ourselves stay embedded in our subconscious and come out when we get “triggered.” These bad habits stick with us till adulthood—even lasting till our final last days.

We all have a CHOICE to reveal our pain to be shown the path of healing, forgiveness, hope, and happiness. We were ALL made to show our true emotions—also all made to care and LOVE for one another.

Revealing and showing sadness and pain is NEVER weak—it is a sign of STRENGTH. It is also our CHOICE what to do after with it. We can either stay within our pain, or we can learn to accept, forgive, understand, and move on.

Let’s all becomes STRONG through our choice to be true to ourselves.

Let’s CHOOSE to HAVE A STRONG DAY...always.

We must reveal our pain to move forward and grow.