Overcoming my childhood disposition of having inadequate parents, to not only become successful in field of playing professional football, but remaining open to love and understanding despite my circumstances. I've always looked at any and all things as a blank canvas, because you never know what lies beneath. 

My name is Nic Harris, I am a former NFL footballer, Personal Trainer, and also a motion capture and commercial actor. — This is how I  HAVE A STRONG DAY. @nicharris5



There was a moment in time  when I felt deeply betrayed and hurt by people I love. I questioned what I should do, how I should respond, how I should feel... and in this quest I learned about resilient cultures that had endured extreme hardships with a resolve to live with loving kindness and compassion. They taught that our greatest enemies are our greatest teachers... with these experiences we can intentionally push the bounds of our unconditional love for ourselves and all others.

Now when I encounter difficult situations, I really ask myself what I am meant to learn, and how this experience will help me grow with resolve to feel more loving kindness and compassion. Living with this focus has brought me greater joy and happiness than I could ever have imagined. Gratitude.

My name is Odara Pineda, I am science and yoga teacher, a student of life, and an activist against all forms of violence towards people, the animals, and our planet earth. This is how I HAVE A STRONG DAY.